Q. Do all finishers receive medals?

A. Yes, all finishers will receive a medal.  This is why at our events we have a race cap.  The cap represents the number of medals we have alloted to that event.

Q. What is the distance of the Little Jelly Tot Dash?

A.  The distance is no longer than 200 feet.  We break the kids up into two groups.

  • Kids aged 4 and under run 100 yards
  • Kids aged 5 to 6, run 200 yards

Sometimes the distances may vary but we try to just make it a doable event that is fun.


Q. How is the Little Jelly Tot Dash Coordinated?

A.  We run the event off in two races. 

First we run the kids aged 4 and under off.  Parents are welcome to run with their little one.  

Once the smaller kids have finished and cleared the finish line, we run off the kids aged 5 and 6.  Parents can run with their “big” kids but its usually not necessary at this age.

Q. How does chip timing work?

A.  We provide two times on our results.

Chip Time – here your time starts when you cross the mats at the start and ends when you cross the mats at the finish.  The net time is your “chip” time.

Gun Time – here your time starts when the start horn goes off and ends when you cross the mats at the finish line.   The net time is your “gun” time.

We score the race on gun time.  You may ask why?  This is the fairest method to score a smaller event.  If we didn’t do it this way, the race would not be a race but a time trial.  If we scored it on chip time we would have to wait until everyone is finished before the race is completed and awards could be given out.

Also, someone who arrived late could start the race 10 minutes after everyone and run the fastest time based on their chip time.  They would have to be declared the winner even though they would have finished further down the results list.